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Brooklyn wedding photographer for modern creative couples getting married at unique venues in New York City. Quyn Duong has a photojournalistic documentary style focused on capturing the energy and emotions of the day. 

A Modern Korean Wedding at 501 Union

Dave's dad wins best toast of all time. He surprised us all with a homemade slideshow of Deb and Dave's story, and the entire room was shaking with laughter. But maybe it was his mom that really stole the show with an acoustic song dedicated to the lucky couple. As two musicians, Deb and Dave clearly integrated their passions in a beautiful way to share with all their guests. I remember immediately recognizing Wild Cub's 'Thunder Clatter' as they walked down the aisle and feeling instantly light and joyful. 

Deb and Dave celebrated at Brooklyn's modern art deco venue 501 Union, but they still wanted to incorporate the traditional Korean paebaek ceremony. Between cocktail hour and the reception, they invited guests to gather around the lively ceremony. It was nothing but laughter and joy as their parents tossed chestnuts at them, hoping for a fertile future, to which Dave 'accidentally' emptied the whole nest. Oops. 

Shot for Chaz Cruz / Venue: 501 Union / Caterer: INSA

Quyn Duong