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An Unusual Off Broadway Wedding at the Green Building

Have you ever had a bride have to leave her wedding to go perform a sold out Off Broadway show? A couple days before her wedding, Kathleen got a heads up that she may have to fulfill her understudy duties in Love, Love, Love. A contingency plan was sent out, and the morning of, we all got the confirmation. The show must go on.. And the wedding too..

This wedding was as beautiful and as wild as they come. Nothing about the first half of the day was rushed, but immediately after their tear-filled ceremony, it was full speed ahead. We rushed to the theater, she performed to a sold out crowd, then hurried back to the reception where all her guests were still partying.

The New York Times clearly tells the story much better than I do.. Am I completely freaking out right now? Yes.

The night was a true testament to the strength of Mike & Kathleen's connection, and of all the people surrounding them with love and support. They were by each other's side throughout the entire adventure with friends, family, cast, and crew in full support. I can't thank them enough for trusting me to document their crazy wedding day story!! 

Read the full story here: At 6 p.m., Married. At 7:30 p.m., Onstage. It also made it to print in the Sunday Times on Sunday, January 8th!

Venue: The Green Building
Caterer: The Raging Skillet
Month-of Coordinator: Your Wedding by Lauren
Hair & Makeup: Christy Smith

Quyn Duong