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Brooklyn wedding photographer for modern creative couples getting married at unique venues in New York City. Quyn Duong has a photojournalistic documentary style focused on capturing the energy and emotions of the day. 

An Urban Winery Wedding at Brooklyn Winery

I can still hear the laughter from the hilarious toasts from Daniella and Beba's wedding at the Brooklyn Winery. There were a few tactful lesbian jokes, a few Chilean jokes, but above all, many many anecdotes sharing insight to their character and love. But all this went without needing to say much. You could see it in the way they looked at each other. The way their hands were never disconnected. From the first moment they saw each other at the Wythe Hotel through the last hoo-rah up on the hora, you can feel all the joy and love shared on this one significant day. 

Shot for Dutton & James / Venue: Brooklyn Winery / Hotel: Wythe Hotel 

Quyn Duong